So Cow?

Taking this from Wikipedia - an entry I didn't write, but which sums it up better than I could.

(TL;DR as of 2019, So Cow is Brian Kelly making music in his house, and not playing live).


So Cow is an Irish band (TRUE). It was started as the recording project of Brian Kelly in 2005 in Seoul, South Korea.[1] (ALSO TRUE). The group evolved into a three piece band with Jonny White on bass and Peter O'Shea on drums for 2014's The Long Con, released on Goner Records, as well as 2012's Out Of Season split album with Squarehead. (ALSO TRUE - mentions should also go to Ross Conlon, Bushy Coyne, Tony Higgins, Gareth Averill and Aaron Skufca, all involved at various stages).

The band appeared at Primavera Sound,[2] SXSW[3] & Castlepalooza.[4] (ALL TRUE - Castlepalooza is an odd choice to include here - we played to 12 people, and were off the grounds within 20 minutes of playing)Their sound has been described by Pitchfork as "Like Television Personalities or The Clean at their most engaging, Kelly plays rickety guitar-pop that sounds homemade without feeling insular."[5] (TRUE - Pitchfork did say that, and to this day, the most common comparison is with the Television Personalities, which I'm in two minds about). The group received media attention in 2009 in South Korea after naming a song after the popular South Korean actress and model Moon Geun-young. (TRUE - this led to an appearance in Vogue Girl Korea magazine, which remains the project's crowning achievement). 

I think that covers everything.

So Cow, Nashville, 2010.

Nashville, September 2010.